Lar plain​​​​​​​

Lar Plain is located at the foot of Damavand Peak and in historical periods it was considered one of the districts of Ray, which is often referred to as Lar Qasran in historical books. The plants of Lar Plain and their surrounding heights have significant diversity. Lar Plain is very amazing and in spring and summer, this plain is the place of Tehrani nomad's summer camp. They come to Lar and live for about five months, Lar is a place where nomads live, so she tried to show part of the living environment of these people in this collection.
In general, life, man and the place where man lives are among the most important subjects of this photographer's attention​​​​​​​
The collection of Dasht Lar began in 2013 during my travels and the upcoming collection was photographed in the summer of 2017.